On the Inside

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, A polychrome wooden statue 175 cm in height, apsidal chapel, parish church. The wooden statue, already noted.
Donatellian work of the precious anatomical study of the figure, exposes the bareness of the standing basic form, it is attributed to Silvestro dell’Aquila, a sculptor/painter from the region of Abruzzo of the fifteenth century.




SPIRITUAL GLORIFICATION OF THE MADONNA IN DEIFICATION BY ANGELS AND SAINTS. Dome, parish church of Saint John the Baptist. In the space of the sky, suspended in mid-air, the
figure of the virgin, illuminated by a cone of golden light, from which emerge heads of cherubs. At the centre of the scene, in the highest and brightest point of the dome, the representation of the eternal father, symbolic like the all-seeing eye, geometric in triangular form, symbol of the Trinity. Author unknown, 18th century.

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