The entrance Doors

Three of the entrance gates to the town remain intact, with a slightly pointed arch.






PORTA MARINA (14th century)
Due to its location with respect to the walls, it is also known as the Eastern
Gate and still preserves its ancient wooden doors; the space behind it expands and narrows with a
vault that supports an upper compartment once used for surveillance of the main entrance to the

PORTARELLA (13th century)
Located inside the town, it appears as the remains of a
tower-gate of the primitive defensive ring; in the internal vault traces of floral decorations are
visible, inserted in geometric patterns.

PORTA PESA (14th century)
It takes this name due to the nearby presence of the public weighbridge, much visited in past centuries; it is popularly called
Porta da Sole due to its position on the sunny southern side.

Porta Pesa
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