Agriturismo Tre Querce

On our agriturismo we have about 500 organically grown olive trees of different varieties, including classics like Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and regional varieties such as Piantone di Falerone, Piantone di Mogliano and La Coroncina. This multiplicity of varieties allows us to stagger the collection of the olives over a period of time and in so doing the olives can be harvested when they have reached the optimal stage of maturation. This maturational period results in the olives acquiring a heightened set of aromas and flavours, some with a slight artichoke aftertaste.

The olives are harvested by hand and then crushed in a nearby organic crusher sytem under controlled temperature conditions. The crushed olives are then taken to a mill and pressed within 24 hours of harvesting, so the organic quality is maintained.

Agriturismo Tre Querce only sells to private clients and the oil is bottled on request, ensuring that sunlight has not damaged the quality.

As the oil is not filtered it may be subject to sediment forming on the bottom, however, this does not compromise the products quality, indeed it guarentees its authenticity.

We also produce handmade seasonal preserves and vinegar from our organically grown friut and vines.

No preservatives, colourants or thickeners are used in the production of our preserves therefore the taste, colour, aroma and vitamin content is unadulterated and pure.

You will find all the products listed in our catalogue. The preserves are produced on a strictly seasonal basis as this ensures all the fruit is fresh and full of natural flavour.

We are happy to create, for you, beautiful gift baskets containing our products.


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