Municipal Theatre

Located in the Priorale Palace, dating back to the 13th century but remodeled in later periods, the Municipal Theatre of Penna San Giovanni is unique for its rare beauty.
Built around 1780, it is the only example of a theatre made entirely of wood remaining in the province of Macerata, as well as one of the few in all of Italy.

The Baroque U-shaped room with gallery and two tiers of boxes was designed and built almost entirely by the local painter Antonio Liozzi.
Each level is topped with a floral festoon and embellished with a baroque cartouche that adorns the parapet, while the ceiling features a Muse playing with Cupids, echoing Greek mythology.
The entrance with ogival portal in sandstone, it is structured with a double row of wooden boxes supported by steel cores. The frescoed images are the work of Antonio Liozzi.

Ingresso con portale ogivale in pietra arenaria, è strutturato con doppia fila di palchi in legno sostenuti da anime in acciaio. Le immagini affrescate sono opera di Antonio Liozzi. Sul soffitto una Musa gioca con Amorini, riecheggiando la mitologia greca.



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Address Piazza del Teatro
Phone +39 0 733 669 119
Number of rooms 1
Teatro storico

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