Ingrosso formaggi e salumi BUROCCHI di Burocchi Domiziano & C. s.a.s

From the hills to the table.

The story of a company based on the close link between people and territory.

Our aim is to spread and enhance the traditions of ancient knowledge. To that purpose our products are prepared following historic recipes: few ingredients that release uniquely authentic flavours and aromas.
We represent a bridge between the generations linked by love for the territory and dedication to work which carry us back to our origins every day.
With our craft we want to convey and spread the values of ethical and productive culture in relation to the world of cheese, always respecting the ancient and genuine “artisan knowledge”.


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Address C.da San Rocco, 241
Phone +39 360235622 Maurizio +39 3473337305 Domiziano +39 3279916641

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