Water landscapes is the name given to a network of over 50 km of naturalistic, historical and architectural itineraries in the municipalities of Penna San Giovanni, Sant’Angelo in Pontano and Gualdo in the province of Macerata: three municipalities which combine to form a world that retains an equilibrium between earthly traditions and new ideas that, with their historic villages and rural splendour, represent a unique world, original and humble.
Waters to discover among the rich vegetation of these “rippled” hills which, between the quiet Leopardian and Licinian harmonies and the fascinating ruggedness of the Sibillini, are offered for a morning walk or for a long holiday.
From the landscape point of view, the itineraries cross the diversified agricultural ecomosaic resulting from crop rotation mixed with hedges and groves, which in the steepest parts are transformed into large areas of mixed forest with a prevalence of oaks and in the valleys or streams are enriched by the typical riverbank vegetation of willows, poplars and alders.
The agricultural environment always opens onto wide views over the valleys and historic villages, towards the Sibillini Mountains to the west or towards the Adriatic Sea to the east.
From a cultural point of view, the three villages – rich in history and illustrious sons such as San Nicola, Abbot Colucci and Romolo Murri – in their walls or with the typical stone and brick buildings, are treasures of history, art and culture material.

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